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The Essence and Structure of the Modern Innovation-oriented Culture or What We Need for Creative Work

Tatiana Rubanova, painter

To begin with let's define what Innovative culture is, although I prefer terms like “culture in modern comprehension” or “dynamic concept of culture”...

Modern society has already crossed the line when the abilities to read, write and understand the basic laws of the universe are seen as an achievement worthy of a separate term "culture." Moreover, (and this is even more important): it has crossed the border, when a person who did not have certain cultural skills or knowledge was just of no importance to the culture and society and couldn't make an impact on the development of the planet. It seemed that such a man just didn't exist. He/she seemed to be a kind of ballast, protoplasm.

Now the coherence and responsibility of the world has reached a critical point. The pain and the " backwardness " of one person really becomes a pain and backwardness of everyone, when everyone is genuinely interested in the harmonious and sustainable growth and development of a universal culture, when everybody is interested in how to make others happy and harmonious.  After all grieving speed train driver or a chauffeur who drinks hard because of lack of points of life and it's without speaking about the military who have access to guns ... Spiritual crisis of any person may transform into if not the last day of the world then, at least, its very black day.

Modern comprehension of the culture consists of giving everybody a chance to develop him/herself in the most harmonious way.  With respect and comprehension of the fact that every human being is important and any gains are interesting and necessary. There is nothing high  or low in a new comprehension of culture. There is something adequate or inadequate. The means used in the wrong place at the wrong time make some individual human beings miserable and boost involutionary process (as opposed to evolution) . And, on the contrary, the usage of intelligent tools in time and in the right place can and should make every human being happy and feel that other human beings need him/her, regardless of what, where and how they are engaged in, what faith they believe in and what " level of development"they are worthy. It may occur as soon as for this innovation stage of culture development tools, ties and comprehension of its necessity have already matured.

In order to understand the original laws of cultural development and how we can communicate in an innovative way, it is necessary to define structure, algorithm, or  formula of this development:
They are fundamental as Maxwell's laws.
They are obvious for experts.
They are incomprehensible and almost magical for laymen.
They are conditional as Maxwell's laws.

Since this is only an attempt to describe (using human language) incomprehensible and indescribable reality of society as a living organism - indivisible, growing, evolving and ever- changeable.

Development of every living being has definite phases, culture development has also some phases:
1. Origin
2. Growth
3. Creation of the ordered structure
4. Ecology, harmony
5. Creativity
6. Cognition

One can not say that in growth and development of a living being some phases are minor and the other ones are much more important. In the culture development there aren't any minor or important phases. The value of a child is the same as the value of an old man. A person who has learned and realized a lot is not more important than a mean-spirited one, and on the contrary. Every development phase is important, fascinating and worthy of respect and attention. For a modern look at the culture it seems strange that primitive period has just paved the way for the growth of Michelangelo's perfection. Looking at the culture as a living being means respectful attitude to its “primitive” stages.

As we are bounded with the language and boundaries of our comprehension, we should determine some basic concepts that have existed for ages but are not structured enough in order to be used within the culture's conception.

One should clearly understand that there are:

  • basic development stages
  • it's pointless and dangerous to speed up development of premature structures without creating the basis of the existence of the system,
  • as well as any living structure, culture evolves under the influence of their own inherent laws
  • we can interact with the culture in two ways using it for our own benefit : adequate and appropriate, or, conversely, inadequate and inappropriate.

The last ( improper use) at best can be likened to spitting into the wind. At worst - to explosion of the nuclear power plant or turn of the rivers.

Another problem of the interaction is that culture is like a human being - it is complex, multi-structured and uniform system. While some parts of the structure are at a certain stage of development and require certain resources and applications, other parts require quite different ones. Simultaneous and uniform influence upon all parts of the living being of culture has an detrimental effect on some of its elements and causes unrestrained growth of other ones. First of all, adequate interaction with a living structure should be: dotted, accurate and environmentally friendly .
A typical example of non-uniformity is regional development.

Thus, in different regions of the country (in different parts of the city, different apartments in the same house or even in the inner world of a person) co-exist quite different priorities and cultural values. While the metropolitan intellectuals storm the top of a mystical thought in other places the main priority is the "basic" survival. Yes, it's “basic” but without existence and human life safety neither love nor ecology, neither comprehension nor creativity are possible.

When highly intelligent people are under threat they also should find a solution how to survive. That's why the problem of survival should be of the top priority in any system. And the spheres that develop people and strengthen human safety can and should be considered as basic spheres of culture. These spheres are martial arts, medicine aimed at training people to maintain security and existence, psychiatry that works with boundary conditions of a person, pieces of art that persuade that you are worthy of something, that you can survive and everything isn't so bad at all... All these things raise security level of culture.

And can interaction with culture in this segment be inadequate? Yes, it can. Let's consider ecology, for example (I'm going to consider ecology on each step of culture).

How can a person living in circumstances that threaten his/her survival respond to appeals to sustain environmental balance?

He/she can respond only in one way: his/her survival is under threat one more time and sooner or later everything will fall into hell. There is no use reproducing ourselves, there is no point living...We are going to die! Cultural ideas of the well-fed West injected into the meager soil just become a time bomb as the only aim of the population is survival. These 'advanced' ideas mutate into paranoid ones. A person menaced by death can do good but it wouldn't be a kind of cultural achievement in its modern sense. Innovative culture is something that develops every person. There are no goals worthy of child's tears or changing people into zombies who do good. The culture of the society that is prosperous in outward appearance but which consists of such zombies will be very far both from true ecology and true creativity.
At this level zombies can be used in various spheres and various purposes can be pursued. Moreover, it doesn't matter for a person at this level what aims to pursue. Here one can find absolutely different laws – laws of psychiatry. Thoughts and words that are outwardly good from the point of view of a mentally stable individual can trigger various opposite reactions: self-immolation of sectarians, suicide terrorist acts, woods firing and conscious resistance to the appeals...As all these good intentions seem to be odd and strange and that's why are menacing. The only adequate way of action in this situation has already been described – to further safety, both objective and subjective. Because the latter is to a greater extent decisive.

The second level of culture is the level of sustainability, stability and options broadening. At this level a person acquires knowledge and finds out about cultural diversity and spheres where he/she can use his/her intellectual or creative potential. At this level one is dazzled and has a whetted appetite. At this level we can understand under cultural development quite different things, such as consumer demand culture, food culture (the book of healthy and delicious food ), folk rituals, television, the Internet, movies with viewers eating popcorn or traveling in a hurry-scurry way. All these things serve as a foundation for a cultural pyramid.

As an example of inadequacy one can name the snobbery of the 'higher' cultural groups, their visions of modern culture as if it were mass culture and of mass consumption. These visions boost antagonism, and our highly intelligent clever men have nothing to eat because of misunderstanding.

At this level one doesn't treat environment in a right way. The man has just realized that the world is full of great and diverse things and some of them are even excessive. If somewhere there is lack of something it means that in another place something is in abundance. One has to search for better. One drops rubbish not because of evil intentions but because of generosity. One is more likely to perceive environmental threats as a threat to the abundance or as a sign of the coming shortage.

When it becomes clear that this chaos should be put in order then a man goes to another level. He/she needs to order himself/herself. He/she has glutted himself/herself with various goodies, he/she should be on a diet and needs regular meals, sports, knowledge ordering, repair works at home and budget planning. He/she goes further. The next step is to create various structures within this diversity, systematic education, philharmonic music, legal structures and science.

Although it's clear in theory that it is necessary to restore order, a man can not understand under the environment just "love to the planet."This concept is seen as demagogy.

Inadequacy at this level I see as all the talks about love and other abstract ideas. I would like to warn all these idlers chatting nonsense and making up stories when I see disorder and disregard of the laws everywhere: 'The roads are not mended and the beards need to be cut'.

And only in case a person (at least in his/her thoughts) feels safe, stable and his/her income is high enough, moreover he/she has gripped the idea of life – only in this case it's possible to speak about comprehension and love to all living beings including people. Only in this case the ecology is possible in the right meaning of the word. Only in this case he/she poetizes, sings, draws and looks at every little thing with eyes full of love... And creativity prospect is in the future. Once he/she realizes that it's useless to do nothing and just love every little thing notionally. One should make something for everybody. And only at this level everybody won't feel sick of good intentions and actions of such kind...

Inadequacy - in any possible way: security threat, danger to the place of living and means of production, cluttered folks about us and chaos in the brain. And then you have to say “Good-bye!” to love and creativity...

Only strong in spirit or very talented people can create something in unfavorable conditions. And it's more like a wonder....
And that's why... In order to be able to create something one needs pretty boring things:

  • safety
  • stability
  • order
  • comprehension

And....One should desire creativity. Because, no matter which way you look at it, creativity won't enjoy popularity if the way to reach it is so difficult.



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