Rating of Innovative Regions

Rating of innovative regions has been developed by the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia in 2012 together with the Ministry of Economic Development, with the participation of representatives of regional administrations and leading experts in the country for the purposes of monitoring and control. AIRR team conducts regular updates rankings following the publication of new statistics.
The rating leaders are 11 regions in which innovative development index value exceeds 130% of the national average.

Four leaders remained the same as compared to last year's rating :
• St. Petersburg
• Moscow
• The Republic of Tatarstan
• Nizhny Novgorod region
The winners in category "Accelerate 2014" are: Leningrad region (moving up 25 positions ), Republic of Adygea (moving up 20 positions ) and Murmansk region (moving 18 positions ahead).
In the current version of the ranking among the regions of the greatest success achieved AIRR Kaluga region (into fifth place in the ranking ) and Novosibirsk region (moved into the group of "strong" innovators).

Rating of innovative regions

Leaders in terms of research and development are the following regions (over 130% of the average value , in brackets the percentage of the average value of the integral index of the regions of Russia):

1. Moscow ( 197.81 %)
2. St. Petersburg ( 183.43 %)
3. Tomsk region ( 161.73 %)
4. Novosibirsk region ( 148.45 %)
5. Moscow region ( 136.70 %)
6. Ivanovo region ( 136.55 %)
7. Ulyanovsk region ( 131.89 %)
8. The Republic of Tatarstan ( 131.01 %)


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