Scientific Consulting


INNO-MIR provides a range of consulting services for effective research promotion and commercialisation. The creation of a proper working and communication strategy demands a thorough analytical study and target audience identification. It is crucial to organize the high-quality dissemination of accurate information about research or development through appropriate channels and to deliver it to the target group. Expert adaptation of technical and complex material to a plain language allows the working strategy to reach the right audience and ultimately lead to the positive research outcomes.
In order to ensure that projects and developments are based on research, to make them well-directed and fully implemented, INNO-MIR actively engages with clients and partners in project planning, analysis and evaluation.


  • Strategic communication and target audience coverage (content development, campaign design and implementation, press and media);
  • Technical and scientific writing (editing, proofreading, plain language, translation);
  • Research, analysis, evaluation (analytics, statistics, reporting).


Coordination of Scientific Projects

2activThe main focus of INNO-MIR Company is to build a platform for productive interaction between different research groups and departments both in academia and in the field of applied science. INNO-MIR provides customers with a communication platform to allow free and simple exchange of ideas and experience, which enables an efficient distribution of information, finances and time, and, ultimately, leads to a successful accomplishment of the project.


  • Search for the partners for the implementation of scientific problems and fulfilment of the joint research projects both in Russia and abroad;
  • Project marketing: promotion of the project on various similarly functioning Internet resources with the following related topics; dissemination of information on the possibilities and conditions of cooperation; informational support, collection, compilation and analysis of information on similar projects;
  • Project management, assistance in organizing and structuring of the project and general coordination;
  • Financial management services;
  • Aid in bringing in the potential business partners and investors to the project.


Destination Management


As a full-service agency we know how to execute destination management to give our clients the best experience during their stay in Saint Petersburg, the city where history meets modern day.

We design bespoke solutions for any kind of event: from private negotiations and business meetings to international conferences and forums, providing the productive business environment as well as unforgettable incentives and authentic and unique cultural experiences. Combining an in-depth knowledge of Saint Petersburg with extensive logistical and creative experience, we present our customers with the exclusive programmes crafted to meet their specific needs.

Services include:

  • Detailed contingency planning
  • Organisation and full logistic of the event
  • Concept advice and creative design
  • Special activities, tours, and excursions arrangement
  • Themed incentives programmes development
  • Around the clock assistance

Based on our individual approach to every event, we offer products and services to match the distinct strategy of every client.

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Event Planning


INNO-MIR Company provides a full range of services for business and professional event planning (conferences, symposia, congresses):


  • Design of Event Concept;
  • Development and Management  of  Advertising Campaign;
  • Research and Networking to Attract  Caliber Specialists Speakers;
  • Support to  Optimize Program Schedule and Activities;
  • Website Design  and Support;
  • Technical Secretariat to Support Event;
  • Financial Management;
  • Logistical Management.




INNO-MIR offers a suite of education and advanced training services:

  • Preparation, coordination and support of educational programs in various fields of Innovation Culture;
  • Design of individualized educational programs in the innovation sphere, per client's goals, tasks, terms, and financing;
  • Organization of business travel to gain experience and training in innovation management and high technology;
  • Organization of training courses in the innovation sphere.

Together with its partners, INNO-MIR Interregional Innovative Development Center has designed a unique cycle of educational programs on Innovative Culture:  

  • Distance education in Spain.
  • Creating a university innovation ecosystem and research environment in Russia (St. Petersburg);
  • Innovative Culture in Belarus.

The educational cycle consists of five independent, guest-training sessions, organized at "innovatively developing" sites, with participation by leading Russian and international experts, coaches and teachers.




INNO-MIR Company, through contractual relationships or under cooperation (partnership) agreements, undertakes regional (St. Petersburg) or foreign (Russian) representative duties, which include:

  • Searching for partners in general, and defined spheres of Organizational activity, in particular in Russia, as well as in other countries;
  • Partnership Negotiations on behalf of the Organization, with interested structures in Russia and other countries;
  • Coordination of partnership activity (coordination and organization of: meetings, visits, signing of cooperation agreements);
  • Participation in the organization of exhibitions, conferences and other events held by the Organization within the territory of Russia, as well as in other countries;
  • Promotion of an Organization’s achievements;
  • Participation in the preparation and organization of Organization’s official delegates’ visits, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, presentations, road-show within the territory of the Russian Federation or other countries;
  • Arranging of Meetings  for  Organization’s representatives,  Support during business meetings and trips on the territory of Russia or to other countries;
  • Translation of materials prepared by the Organization (from/to Russian/English/other languages);
  • Representation of Organization’s interests to authorized state bodies (with power of attorney), non-profit organizations and media.


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