Coordination of scientific projects

2activThe main focus of INNO-MIR Interregional Innovative Development Center is to build a platform for productive interaction between different research groups and departments both in academia and in the field of applied science. INNO-MIR Center provides customers with a communication platform to allow free and simple exchange of ideas and experience, which enables an efficient distribution of information, finances and time, and, ultimately, leads to a successful accomplishment of the project.


  • Search for the partners for the implementation of scientific problems and fulfilment of the joint research projects both in Russia and abroad;
  • Project marketing: promotion of the project on various similarly functioning Internet resources with the following related topics; dissemination of information on the possibilities and conditions of cooperation; informational support, collection, compilation and analysis of information on similar projects;
  • Project management, assistance in organizing and structuring of the project and general coordination;
  • Financial management services;
  • Aid in bringing in the potential business partners and investors to the project.


Event Planning


The INNO-MIR Interregional Innovative Development Center provides a full range of services for business and professional event planning (conferences, symposia, congresses):


  • Design of Event Concept;
  • Development and Management  of  Advertising Campaign;
  • Research and Networking to Attract  Caliber Specialists Speakers;
  • Support to  Optimize Program Schedule and Activities;
  • Website Design  and Support;
  • Technical Secretariat to Support Event;
  • Financial Management;
  • Logistical Management.




INNO-MIR Interregional Innovative Development Center offers a suite of education and advanced training services:

  • Preparation, coordination and support of educational programs in various fields of Innovation Culture;
  • Design of individualized educational programs in the innovation sphere, per client's goals, tasks, terms, and financing;
  • Organization of business travel to gain experience and training in innovation management and high technology;
  • Organization of training courses in the innovation sphere.

Together with its partners, INNO-MIR Interregional Innovative Development Center has designed a unique cycle of educational programs on Innovative Culture:  

  • Distance education in Spain.
  • Creating a university innovation ecosystem and research environment in Russia (St. Petersburg);
  • Innovative Culture in Belarus.

The educational cycle consists of five independent, guest-training sessions, organized at "innovatively developing" sites, with participation by leading Russian and international experts, coaches and teachers.




INNO-MIR Interregional Innovative Development Center, through contractual relationships or under cooperation (partnership) agreements, undertakes regional (St. Petersburg) or foreign (Russian) representative duties, which include:

  • Searching for partners in general, and defined spheres of Organizational activity, in particular in Russia, as well as in other countries;
  • Partnership Negotiations on behalf of the Organization, with interested structures in Russia and other countries;
  • Coordination of partnership activity (coordination and organization of: meetings, visits, signing of cooperation agreements);
  • Participation in the organization of exhibitions, conferences and other events held by the Organization within the territory of Russia, as well as in other countries;
  • Promotion of an Organization’s achievements;
  • Participation in the preparation and organization of Organization’s official delegates’ visits, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, presentations, road-show within the territory of the Russian Federation or other countries;
  • Arranging of Meetings  for  Organization’s representatives,  Support during business meetings and trips on the territory of Russia or to other countries;
  • Translation of materials prepared by the Organization (from/to Russian/English/other languages);
  • Representation of Organization’s interests to authorized state bodies (with power of attorney), non-profit organizations and media.


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