Intrinsic ID – winner of Innovation Radar Prize 2016

inovation-radar-1-300x200The Innovation Radar (IR) is a European Commission initiative to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation ICT projects.
28 000 votes shortlisted 16 innovators from around Europe. Their innovations cover a wide range of markets from video production to data management to transport logistics to augmented reality.The winner was announced at the European Commission's ICT Proposers Day in Bratislava, Slovakia on 26 September.
The three Dutch innovations are:
Intrinsic ID
The Physical Unclonable Function technology provides security for smart devices so even the smallest smart chips and devices can be secured in order to protect its users in their day-to-day lives.
The Netherlands Cancer Institute
An automatic software framework brings personalized radiation therapy for prostate cancer to the clinic using medical resonance imaging to guide dose painting decisions.
Roessingh Research and Development BV is using ICT supported services to deliver intelligent, personalized and motivational services that aim to prevent frailty and functional decline among citizens. This approach could transform our care system into one that is more sustainable, personalized and proactive.

One of the winners of The 2016 Innovation Radar Prize has been awarded to Intrinsic-ID, a spin-off fromPhilips which has developed a unique technology and has become a world leader in security systems.
Intrinsic-ID is a world leader in the field of embedded authentication. Using our patented PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) technology, secret keys and identifiers are extracted from the unique physical properties of chips to provide seamless and secure protection of digital assets for markets like IoT, mobile, smartcards and government & defense.
What is the innovation
Tiny variations in the semiconductor manufacturing process make each transistor and each piece of silicon unique like a human fingerprint. These variations are random and uncontrollable, so it is impossible to make an exact clone of a chip. Hence they refer to this as a Physical Unclonable Function or PUF. Intrinsic-ID has perfected the technology to securely and reliably use these silicon fingerprints for security applications. The technology is now mature, certified and used in large volume business critical application.
Out of the lab – Into the Market
After completing initial research, considerable work has been done to prepare the technology for market adoption with a focus on reliability, security and performance. Intrinsic-ID has teamed up with more than a dozen semiconductor suppliers and IP companies as to bring the PUF technology to the market. The first mass production devices containing our PUF security technology are already deployed.
Commissioner Günther Hoettinger, responsible for the Digital Economy and Society, said: “Newly developed technology coming out of the lab needs to go straight into the market. The winners of the Innovation Radar competition show that this is possible, with innovations that benefit both our economy and society, creating a new generation of industrial leaders.”


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