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Digital India Summit 2017: ‘Data is the new oil’

Speaking at the Digital India Summit 2017, the minister said “Digital India is creating a sparkle of hope in eyes of all Indians. Data analysis, management will become thriving areas of growth”. He further said that National Payment Council will be set up soon. Talking about the Bhim app, he said: “1.7 crore people have downloaded the Bhim app.”
Recently he said that Digital economy will require both technological and legal innovations, and law graduates have enormous opportunities to tap in the push for Digital India.
“Digital coverage is good coverage, digital delivery is faster delivery, but this will throw up legal challenges, issues of privacy, cyber security, competition. Why? Because digital world is a virtual world, and the problems of the virtual world have to be addressed in the real world,” he added. “(Digital economy) will require not only technological innovations but also legal innovations. And there I see an enormous opportunity waiting for you (graduating students) to tap in the field of intellectual property, competition, data privacy, and a whole range of other innovative laws,” Prasad said.
“Digital governance is good governance, digital governance is transparent governance and digital governance is honest governance,” he added. “Further, backed up by initiatives like Make in India, Digital India and Startup India, the nation is at the cusp of a big transformation. With government emphasising on electronics manufacturing sector, India has established 40 new mobile phone manufacturing centres in the last one year and with conducive policy initiatives and framework India aims to become the global manufacturing hub,” he added.


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