Government of Canada supports young scientists and engineers through PromoScience at Science Odyssey launch

Parliamentary Secretary for Science announces support for program that encourages youth to engage in research fields.
One activity, a Martian Odyssey, in London, Ontario, allows primary and secondary school students to learn how to build and code a robot that could roll across the Martian landscape. Demystifying DNA in Halifax, Nova Scotia, helps to explain how DNA works using everyday materials, like fruit. The Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium, south of St. John's, Newfoundland, gives people the chance to learn about and interact with creatures from the sea.
These events are just some of the programs that make up Science Odyssey, a ten-day celebration showcasing the wonders of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Kate Young, Parliamentary Secretary for Science and Member of Parliament for London West, on behalf of the Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science, along with Dr. B. Mario Pinto, President of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), officially launched the initiative’s second year today. The announcement was made at the Johnson GEO Centre in St. John's, Newfoundland.
Parliamentary Secretary Young and Dr. Pinto also took this opportunity to announce 81 recipients of NSERC PromoScience grants that provide hands-on science experiences for Canadian youth. The PromoScience program received an additional $10.8 million in Budget 2017 for learning activities that provide young people, including young women and Indigenous peoples, the science skills they need for the good, middle-class jobs of tomorrow.

Quick Facts
• Eighty-one organizations are receiving more than $6.1 million dollars over three years through NSERC's PromoScience program.
• NSERC's PromoScience program provides funding to science centres, day camps, after-school programs, science outreach organizations, networks and more to support youth engagement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.
• Science Odyssey brings together 200 partners from across the country to host nearly 600 events during the 10-day celebration.
• Events include science fairs, special exhibits at museums, encounters with scientists and researchers, and much more. Learn more at

"I'd like to congratulate all recipients who received PromoScience funding. By promoting fantastic initiatives such as Science Odyssey and PromoScience, we are investing in our country's youth, and ultimately, in our country's future. Through science, they are learning, discovering, and creating the most innovative ways to improve the lives of all Canadians."
The Honourable Kirsty Duncan,
Minister of Science
"It's incredible to be here today to launch Science Odyssey, and to see youth engagement in science being encouraged and celebrated. By taking advantage of the right learning opportunities, youth can acquire and develop the skills they need to find the right path towards a bright future and a fulfilling career in the science field."
Kate Young,
Parliamentary Secretary for Science
"At NSERC, we know science brings Canadians together, and sharing knowledge with curious minds makes the world accessible to anyone. It is my pleasure to launch Science Odyssey, Canada's national celebration for science, and to announce new PromoScience funding for the people and organizations that help bring science culture to Canadians in their communities."
Dr. B. Mario Pinto,
President, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada


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